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Projecting Signs: Extended Signs That Are Sure to Be Noticed in Your Community 

Does your business experience a great deal of foot traffic outside of its doors? Do you have people passing by each day? Every person who only glances at your establishment is missing out on the great products and services you could offer. Make a lasting impression in the minds of consumers, and advertise with a projecting sign today!

Why Projecting Signs?

Exterior signage is a great way to increase your company’s exposure. By utilizing an eye-catching and legible sign, you are ensuring your business is gaining visibility with prospective consumers. Unlike flattened signs, the dimensional effects of a projecting sign are a great addition to the visual impact that an outdoor sign makes. It can be easily seen from roadways, and will draw attention from nearby pedestrians, as well!

Bringing You Personalized Results

Our company can guarantee that your custom projecting sign will be a sign investment that keeps on giving. We use a multitude of high quality mediums, prime components, and an expert design team to bring you premium products paired with a superior standard of service. Let’s plan a sign package perfect for you!