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No matter what denomination your church is, one of the most important things you can do is to make your building welcoming to all who enter.

Wall murals are an affordable and dramatic solution that can make your church more appealing to old and new visitors.

Often when parishioners enter, there is someone there to greet them. That works great a lot of the time, but people are also likely to visit your church when there is no-one there to welcome them. Alternatively, they may be uncomfortable talking to anyone. In either scenario, having a building that exudes warmth will be beneficial.

Wall murals can easily make your building more inviting. They can be any size and depict any picture.

The first place in a church most people think of when considering wall murals is the children’s area. The children’s area is an extremely important and effective area in which to have a mural. If you work at a church, then you know how a mural can bring smiles to little faces. Whether your mural depicts a sunny day with children playing on a hillside or something like an underwater motif, you’ll create a magical environment for the younger ones.

A wall mural is also a smart choice in a hallway. They can depict different religious scenes or quotes that are important to your church. Hallway wall murals can also inform in creative ways. For example, you could paint a tree at a cross section of hallways and the branches of the tree could display where to find certain rooms in the church.

Another idea is to have wall murals showcase the name of your church. You can place one in the lobby for all of your guests to enjoy as they mingle.

Besides wall murals, we can easily take care of other signage needs. Outdoors, we can offer you Illuminated channel signs, monument signs, post and panel signs, banners, and much, much more. Indoors, we can offer you any signs you require, including lobby signs, informational signs, and ADA signs. We can ensure that your ADA signage is up to date.

Have a church bus? We can outfit it with vehicle wrapping and graphics.

Call us today to see what we can do for your signage needs and goals. You can reach us by phone or visit us online where you can submit your information for a free quote. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you, and getting you started on your next custom sign adventure!