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Baby it’s cold outside!

You can feel it coming! There is a crisp breeze in the air, and the leaves are changing, which can only mean one thing: Winter is on the way, is your business ready?

As we fall deeper into the winter, the nights are longer and the days are shorter. Will your business be able to attract customers day or night? Making sure that you have high visibility is paramount. Is your sign well lit, are all the bulbs working? Will the design of your sign be enough to draw customers out of their warm car into your store? Winter is full of holidays, which means extra shoppers on the road. Don’t miss out on a potential sale because of a poorly maintained sign. Winter weather can also cause your sign to become dull and grimy. Make sure that your sign isn’t  losing illumination due to dirt, by having your signs cleaned regularly. Not only does this add creditability to your business, but it ensures that you will stand out amongst your competitors.

When you are thinking about winterizing your signs, here are just a few things to consider:

What is your sign made of? If your sign is made of wood or a painted surface, then they will require sealant. Application of the sealant must be done when your sign is completely dry, so don’t wait until it gets late into the cold, rainy winter.  Another option to consider is purchasing a new sign. After all, the end of the year is time to rally the troops, promote your objective and build your momentum for the new year. Don’t be afraid to invest in a durable, well-made sign. Carefully consider the different types of material, and what will fit into your budget. High endurance plastics, treated wood and treated metal are all great choices. While there are lower priced alternatives available, they will need to replaced sooner, adding extra money to your bottom line.

Something else to think about during the blustery winter months is your sign security. Do you have banners, and if so are they installed securely? Knowing that they are set up to withstand the extra wind and precipitation during the dreary winter months can give you some peace of mind, removing one more worry off your list.

Even with the best laid plans, winter weather can wreak havoc on your business. Fortunately, Experience Signs is here to help you. Whether you are looking to maintain or repair an existing sign, or you are ready to upgrade to a brand new one, Experience Signs is your local expert. Get in touch with us here, and let us help you attract customers in any type of weather.