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Question: What is worse than sitting in traffic?

Answer: Sitting in traffic knowing that you have a to do list longer than your arm. You need to run to the grocery store, get the kids to soccer practice, and your air conditioner is on the fritz. While you are thinking about how you wish there were more hours in the day, you look over in the lane next to you, and what do you see? An air conditioner repair van, complete with a company phone number and website. How great, one thing that you can check off your list!

Could this be your company, or are you missing out on sales? Businesses today are working to shrink their budget while keeping the integrity of the brand they have worked so hard to build. One option being utilized to increase visibility is vehicle branding. Adding graphics to your vehicle can boost your product brand. Just think, every day, your vehicle passes thousands of your potential best customers. However, if your company car or truck isn’t  marked, you are missing out on an important opportunity to create a sale.

Businesses have many kinds of methods for reaching out and connecting with their customers. Radio, television and print ads can all be an effective way to expose your business to consumers. For your hard-earned money though, advertising on a car or truck is most cost effective. You create a rolling billboard, never knowing who is going to be at the right place at the right time to take notice. Your company information will always be visible, even when parked. Vehicle branding works for you around the clock, something other mediums of advertising just can’t do.

Experience Signs is your go to place for vehicle wrapping. They can design, fabricate and install a custom sign for your company car or truck. Recent customers who can attest to the success of Vehicle wrapping include Conditioned Air Solutions, Muscled Up Movers and Tow Boat U.S.

Vehicle branding not only shows people who you are, but it also emphasizes and supports your business. No matter the size of your company, adding graphics to your vehicle can help you achieve your goals.