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It’s dark out, getting late and your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. You’re driving down the street, searching for a place to take a quick break and grab a bite to eat. Ahead in the distance, you see a sign, inviting you in for a well-deserved rest. Immediately, you pull into the parking lot and enjoy the best this business offers. Could this be your company, or are you part of the 50% of businesses that miss out on customers due to poor signage?

No matter how popular or well liked your business may be, one of the most crucial aspects of your public appearance is your business sign. This is your first impression to new customers, as well as how you brand yourself to returning clients. Did you know that 8 out of ten customers visited a business they had never been to before based on its sign? Your sign is your constant companion, selling your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s also your biggest return on investment. An effective and memorable sign should be easy to read from a good distance, and uncomplicated in its message. You can add some frill to your sign with scrolling texts, flashing lights or unique decorations.

Once things are up and running in your business, it’s important to keep your sign in tip top condition. Burnt out lights, weather wear and tear, and overall aging can turn off potential customers. Consumers will associate your sign with the quality of your products or services, so putting your best foot forward is paramount.

Experience Signs understands the impact a high-quality sign can make. Your customer service experience begins with graphic design, continuing through fabrication, installation. Maintenance and upkeep are also a part of the package. Experience Signs can also repair damage to an existing sign. All their work is done in house, and no attention to detail is spared. When you choose Experience signs, you are choosing an expert in the industry. A well-made and designed combined with meticulous upkeep, will save you time and money by reducing other forms of advertising. Let Experience Signs help your business get the attention it deserves.