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Mike McKeon is no stranger to big decisions. In fact, his whole career has been built on making them. Mike spent much of his time in project management for the aerospace industry, where making big choices lead to the stars. However, the most important one of his career wasn’t made behind a desk at a space center, but in a RV driving from California to Alabama. As many military tenures go, Mike wasn’t a stranger to moving from place to place. However, that all changed one day when he made a promise to his young daughter that she wouldn’t have to change schools once they landed in their new destination. Sometimes though, this is easier said than done. Eventually, the call came for Mike to relocate. Thinking back on the deal that he made with his daughter in the RV, he knew that wasn’t an option. So, the search began for a business that would root Mike and his family here in Madison permanently.

After a painstaking search of multiple business opportunities, Mike landed on Experience Signs. It was a perfect match that intersected with what he knew he could do, what customers wanted and needed, and what he could produce well.  Since opening, Mike has positioned himself not just as a sign maker, but as a reliable source of information for the community.  Experience Signs understands that to attract and retain incredible clients, they must be treated as the gifts they are. This is done through expert workmanship and exceptional follow through. Customer service is what sets Experience Signs apart from the competitors, and it gets noticed. Mike’s customers will tell you that not only did Experience Signs deliver a high-quality product, but provided exceptional care and attention.

Experience Signs is your local expert for a custom-made sign that will tell your business’s story in a unique and transformative way. Their services include window graphics, building and lobby signs, channel letters, banner signs, car wraps and tradeshow promotional products. When you are looking for an inspired and provocative sign that gets you noticed, Experience Signs is the team that will help you put your business ahead.

Mike built Experience Signs on a promise made to his daughter. Since then, he has made another promise; to his community.  A promise of quality, attention to detail and unparalleled customer service. Mike is proud to call Madison home, and is looking forward to helping your business succeed.