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There are many methods to get the favorable impressions you are looking for to market your business and sell your products and services. The image to the left suggests just a subset of those methods.

What I’m highlighting today is the use of vehicle graphics in conjunction with floor and wall graphics to get the results you need. It’s fairly intuitive to understand the benefit of a well designed vehicle graphic. Vehicles move around and are seen by many people and ever changing audiences.

Vehicle graphics are by far the least expensive method to get impressions about your business. Depending on metro location, the average cost of 1000 impressions is well below $1.00. The next closest options is outdoor signage at over $3.00.

A well designed marketing and advertising program should include the use of Vehicle, wall and floor graphics and replaceable outdoor signs. The vehicle graphics and outdoor signs are used to get impressions and bring potential buyers into the business. The floor and wall graphics motivate the potential buyers to make a purchase. Studies show that retail sales increase 15% – 20% when a floor graphic is strategically placed in an aisle way next to a product.

Replaceable outdoor sign technology has advanced to a point where a business can install wind tested frames that hold printed fabric signs that promote a specific offering. When the offer period has ended, the business can remove the easily remove and store the fabric advertising for future use. Then, another fabric graphic can be easily installed for the next promotion. The mentioned frames are designed for installation on light poles and stand alone for sidewalks and parking lots.

If you are a retail business looking to energize your sales with a well designed marketing and advertising program, call or email us now. We offer free consultations to all clients.

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Written by: Experience Signs, Madison, Alabama