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Recently, Experience Signs had the opportunity to install exterior window graphics and interior wall graphics for a local Workout Anytime fitness facility.

The image to the left shows the wall wrap installed behind the front desk of the facility. All members and potential new members to the gym can immediately get motivated by the extensive array of workout options provided by the nicely appointed facility. The lower image reflects the brand identity of the company through window graphics. There is no doubt the cost is only $15 per month and members can workout anytime they want 24/7.

Utilizing unused wall and window space to communicate specific messages to the clientele, are affordable and smart ways to help increase sales and gain customer satisfaction. When customers clearly understand their options, they tend to be more at ease and happier. Whether the messaging is about products, services or image, wall and window wraps are a very useful tool.

Unlike other signage, wall and window wraps require no purchase of substrate to carry the sign. The substrate is inherent to the building.  This enables the business owner to better utilize the advertising and marketing budgets in many creative ways.
In addition to branding messages, vinyl wall graphics can be used to communicate simple instructions or the norms of the club. The picture to the left shows one such use. The sign is an effective but subtle way for the club to manage the behaviors of it’s members in ways that benefit the everyone who patronizes the facility. Similar to other wall and window messages, it’s smart use of otherwise dormant space.

If you are the owner of a fitness facility or other retail company in need of affordable effective signage, visit our website, call or email us now. We provide free consultation for every project.

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Written by: Experience Signs