This is the time of year for a clean slate! It’s a time for new beginnings. It’s also time to look at your business and take stock of the past 12 months, also looking forward to what is coming your way. By now, you should have finished your business plan for the year, including measurable business goals, total profit, new customers, gross revenue and a marketing budget. As you are planning for the future, it’s important that you are able to reach out to a new audience. Does the current personality of your business allow you to stay competitive?  This is the perfect time to examine whether your company needs a fresh voice to communicate your message.  Rebranding is a great way to shake off your old image, and breathe some new life into your business.

You don’t always need a full-blown rebranding to increase your bottom line. In some cases, a partial rebranding will do the trick. A partial rebranding is for the company that has already built up their customer base and is well established, and just needs a sprucing up. While a rebrand can be as subtle as a uniform change or a tweaking of your logo, it speaks volumes to your customers letting them know that you are ready to evolve based on consumer needs.  It’s important to remember your is the face of your business. It provides you with an identity and personality. The key to any successful rebrand is to create a message that speaks to your target audience yet stays true to your product.

Typically, your company’s outdoor signage is the first impression that customers will get of your brand identity. All your custom signage should reflect your business’s true personality. Choosing a sign company that understands that your logo must be treated with care, especially with regards to sizing, placement, colors and material is imperative to helping you positively reinforce your company’s public image. Experience Signs works hard to help you maximize your marketing dollar, allowing you to have the loudest possible voice on the street.

Your brand is your calling card, it’s fundamental, it’s creative! It’s what can help people drive through your doors. Call Experience Signs today and let them help you improve your brand!