Recently, Experience Signs had the good fortune to work with The Cove Church, located in Hampton Cove. The Cove was born in 1996 in the home of John and Kathy Tanner. By 1997, the church had grown out the house, and began meeting at Hampton Cove Elementary School. Before they knew it, lives were being changed and The Cove needed its own meeting space! In 1991, they moved into the building that they are in now, and our community is a better place for it. Fast forward to 2006, when The Cove grew again, and built The Well. The Well is home to staff offices, but it primarily consists of student ministry. Although The Cove has seen significant growth, they are just beginning to build their legacy. It is the hope of the church to have an everlasting impact on the Tennessee Valley, giving the community a place to worship and come home to.

When Experience Signs was asked to fabricate a sign for The Cove, we jumped at the chance to do so. Our job was to Create a sign for The Well, which as mentioned before, houses the student ministry and staff offices. The finished product was 26’’ lighted channel letters, boldly visible on the brick wall.

Channel Letters are great because they are versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly. There are many different fonts available, and the lighting and color options are endless. Signs with Channel letters can be customized to fit your business’s needs, allowing for unique brand enhancement opportunities. Increasing your visibility can help you generate extra foot traffic, engaging and attracting new customers, therefore growing your bottom line. Because your sign is working for you day and night, you company will keep that top of mind business awareness. Channel signs are also ecofriendly, thanks to the LED lights that they are made from. Since LED’s need replacing less often, they are kind to our environment. Staying environmentally friendly can help boost your company, creating a positive image of your business- not to mention it lowers your utility bills. You can feel good lighting up for your customers!

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