When talking with many business owners, I hear that they can see what they want for their sign in their head but can’t quite express it clearly on paper. This is where expert graphic designers and a robust design process can help tremendously. At Experience Signs, the conceptual design process is the critical first step in creating effective signage for our clients. Since projects can’t be adequately quoted without having a good understanding of the sign solution, our conceptual design process is mostly completed before the client makes a buying decision. So, in essence, it’s part of the sales process.

The image to the left shows a window graphic for a local small business, Benefits4Success. The president of the company, Joni Grounds, knew she wanted her logo on the window in a way that impressed anyone who walked by. So, the Experience Signs design team engaged in a very fun and collaborative discussion with Joni to bring out the desired reaction when people viewed the window. The result of that conversation led to the solution seen in the picture. The window gives the impression of elegance and professionalism associated with Benefits4Success high quality services.

The bottom image reflects a slightly different kind of design challenge. Muscled Up Movers already had their logo and basic truck wrap design. However, putting it all together in a way that expressed the high quality delivered by the company was essential. For this design, the team concluded that the lines and symmetry of the red components needed to be in perfect alignment with the logo. That detail helps the viewer feel the organization and care the company brings to every move.

If you are a business owner wanting help with creating effective and attractive signage, call or email now. We provide free consultation and conceptual design services to all of our clients,

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Written By: Experience Signs