Recently, Experience Signs of Madison, AL was asked by a local moving company to install a vehicle wrap on one of their largest trucks. The 30 foot box truck had hundreds of rivets, a large surface area and many contour changes such as hinges on the side door. To successfully complete the job, the installed vinyl wrap had to be imperfection free and have maximum readability. All lines needed to be pleasing to the eye. 

The image to the left shows two very happy customers. From front to back the graphics are installed straight with perfect symmetry. The phone and website information are very easy to read while not detracting from the significant impression impact of the demonstrative logo.

In order to achieve the desired results, the Experience Signs design team carefully laid out all elements of the graphic ensuring effective integration of all of the parts. After the graphics were approved by the customer, Muscled Up Movers, attention was then given to selecting the appropriate approach for applying the graphics to the truck. The three options considered were printed vinyl with laminate overlay, cut vinyl and a combination of the two. Given that we were working with just two colors and much of the surface area of the truck did not require graphics, cut vinyl was the chosen approach. The vinyl used for the application was Oracal 751 Cast Vinyl Black and Red. This was an excellent choice for balance of performance and affordability. Prior to applying the vinyl, the truck was thoroughly cleaned using vinegar and alcohol. Cleaning the surfaces in this way provide contaminant free surfaces to ensure proper adherence of the vinyl.

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Written By: Experience Signs